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Starter Kit (All Ages)


The Starter Kit includes items and tools that are commonly used for Preschool To Go activities:

  • crayons
  • plastic links
  • foam paintbrush
  • plastic counters
  • clothespins
  • whiteboard marker
  • blunt-tipped scissors
  • standard dice
  • six-colored dice
  • pencils
  • timer
  • plastic tweezers
  • spinner
  • glue
  • plastic plate
  • paint

*There is no charge for shipping Gift Kits.

Category: Single Purchase

We have found that many of the activities each month require the use of a handful of items that you may or may not have around your home. Items specific to each month will be included in the monthly kit that is delivered. However, items listed here will be needed from month to month and should be readily available to your preschooler. Our starter kit contains each of these items. Parents can choose to purchase that kit from us or purchase the supplies listed independently.

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